Padded protection for your valued belongings.


These bags offer an easy, effortless way of quickly wrapping your prized items to help prevent them getting damaged during transport or storage. A common option to this problem is a roll of bubblewrap. While this is effective at protection, it takes time to wrap, unwrap and then roll up the bubblewrap again. For professional, time is money and and time saved is valuable.

The bags come with a velcro closing flap at the top, this helps to keep any unwanted debris out of the way. On the outside there is a small document wallet to keep the name of the item of the name of the recipient. On the inside there is a larger pocket to store document information, or in the case of artwork, an authentication certificate.


Not only do these save time but they also look professional if you are delivering your work or possessions to a client or customer. Either take the item out of the bag and take the bag away to be used again, or build the price of the bag into the items cost and leave it with the client.


When sizing up the bag for your products, please be aware that the sizes stated are the overall size of the bag. This needs to be taken into account if you know what will be going inside.

If you want to transport or store a couple of items, these bags can be ordered with a simple dividing piece that comes in the bag and can sit between the two items to be stores.


At Lazenby Visuals we are an environmentally aware company and are always keen to find new ways to cut down on waste. With these bags that can be reused over and over, it cuts down on all that tatty bubble wrap that is disposed of after a couple of uses.

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