Photography – Helmsley

Photography – Helmsley –

I like to keep the camera with me as I move around Helmsley. It’s such a lovely little town and I still appreciate it even after living here for years. All photos are available to buy as mounted prints in either A4 or A3 image sizes.

Duncombe Park Steam Rally 2017 –

Last weekend the town was filled with the smell of steam and coal, it could only mean one thing, the steam fair was back in town. I managed to get a few shots in the market square and also up in the park. Please see more over on our Flickr page –

Beautiful Helmsley In The Snow –

I saw the snow on the ground this morning and immediately ran outside with the camera.

Mannion’s & Peter Silk’s Opening Evening –

Monday the 25th of July saw the launch of Mannion’s new Helmsley business and the re-location of Peter Silk’s to the far side of the road. During the celebrations, I managed to get a few photos to share with you all.

Helmsley Steam Engine Rally –

Last weekend saw the annual Steam Engine Rally arrive in Helmsley. On the Saturday evening each year, a selection of them make the way down from the park and into the town square

View From Lazenby Visuals –

I’m pretty pleased about where I work. I did a longer day than usual recently and was greeted with this view when I walked out through the door. It’s not a bad place to spend the day.

Anniversary Day Photos –

It was our one year anniversary day recently, here are a few photos from the day. We had David Swann keeping us all entertained with some music, see a video of this on our new YouTube channel. We also had Bree Merryn and James McGairy with their paintbrushes.

Helmsley in June –

Summer as arrived in Helmsley, blue skies and it’s hot. What a nice walk to and from work, had to take a few photos.

Helmsley Castle.

I managed to have a quick walk around Helmsley Castle and snap a few photos.

Our Photos For Sale In Garden Gift Shop.

Our photos from inside the Walled Garden are now for sale in their gift shop. These are framed prints, others are available in our gallery also. For more information on the gardens, please follow this link –

Spring Tulips at the Helmsley Walled Garden.

Spring is getting underway at the Helmsley Walled Garden and the Tulips are looking wonderful.

A winters day in the Helmsley Walled Garden.

I’ve been in the gardens before, for both a walk around and also with the camera. The last time I captured it in the Autumn, this time I thought I’d get some Winter shots before things starting coming through in Spring.

Another Beautiful Day In Helmsley.

After watching the Riponian Rally through Duncombe Park, I walked back down to the gallery through the fields and took some snaps on my way.

Helmsley In The SnowHelmsley In The Snow

A light dusting of snow inspired a quick walk out with the camera.

Bare Trees and Yellow LeavesBare Trees and Yellow Leaves

Autumn has well and truly arrived in Helmsley now.

Helmsley Walled GardenHelmsley Walled Garden

A few recent photos from inside the Walled Gardens which are located just behind our studio and gallery at Lazenby Visuals

Mounted HorsesMounted Horses

Just a few of the horses that live in the fields opposite the studio in Helmsley

Around the studioAround the studio

I’d like to show you some views around the home of Lazenby Visuals, near the Walled Gardens and Duncombe Park


Some sample views across the lovely home town of Lazenby Visuals

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