Photography – Animals

Photography Animals – A mixture of our pets and other animals I’ve seen on my travels. All photos are available to buy as mounted prints in either A4 or A3 image sizes.

Helmsley Riding School –

Been trying out the new camera again and the horses and riding school are a great subject. I haven’t ridden a horse since I was a child but I do intend to have another go one day. At least I don’t have far to go to try again.

Puppy Update –

I received my new camera today and I had one very keen puppy who wanted to pose for pictures.

Highland Cattle Calf –

I went back to see my friend on his farm as one of his highland cattle has recently had this calf, Wallace. Surprisingly I’ve never spent much time around Highland calves before. I never knew they’d be so affectionate and keen to be around people. As with the rest of my photos, these are all available to buy as mounted prints. Please get in touch if you’d like one. Thank you for looking.

National Centre For Birds Of Prey –

Today we went for a walk up from the studio through Duncombe Park to see the National Centre For Birds Of Prey. I’d heard it was good and they had a few birds but I wasn’t expecting it to be as huge as it is. So many birds to see and fortunately, we timed it perfectly for one of their flying displays. To see more information on the bird centre, please see here –

Helmsley Riding School –

It’s great having these on our doorstep, they’re always there if I want to stretch my legs and practice with the camera. Interested in horses? Have a look at their website –

Highland Cattle

I went to see a friend on his farm and knowing he had Highland Cattle, I took my camera. I’ll be back in a few months to see the calves, expect plenty more photos then too.

Juno and Marilyn

Of our three pets, Juno and Marilyn don’t mind posing for the camera. One day I’ll manage to get a few shots of Juno’s sister, Janice.

Rob and his bees

On our trip to New Zealand, Rob took us to see his bees.

Orana - New Zealand

Also on our visit to New Zealand we went to Orana Wildlife Park.

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