Guest Artist – Robert Lloyd

Guest Artist – Robert Lloyd –

Yorkshire born Robert Lloyd, a graphic designer for over 30 years, has finally unleashed the artist in himself….

From an early age Rob was always drawing and sketching. Although those early years proved inspiring, a career in the motor trade beckoned. After 10 years, Rob, packed it all in and embarked on a Graphic Design course at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology.

It changed the course of his life and he has never looked back.

As Rob says “My first career gained me the Art of Diplomacy, my second career gained me a Diploma in Art!”


“My work is a culmination from a varied collection of travels and work within the design industry, spanning over 3 decades”.

Rob, describes his work as ‘loose – with bits missing’ – a fusion of art and photography! “I like the idea that the viewer finalises the piece in their head – it makes them become more involved in the work. Recently I was asked to draw some cars by a friend, so I suppose I’ve come full circle now! But I can turn my hand to anything and enjoy putting my quirky style on everything”.

“My skills as Graphic Designer really come to the fore, as I work with many different layers in various programmes, I draw, paint and scan and although the end result is done on a computer these days. We’re in the digital era – so why not embrace it!  But my efforts are no less worthy and the results bring a smile to everyone’s face – hopefully!

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